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Carmines Garlic

Carmines Garlic

Key West, FL

30 December 2005

So I totally used the garlic men's room. I have no shame! But as I stared at the garlic marker on the men's room door, I briefly recalled this time when my moms, the riz and I were at the Fox Theatre and we all had to pee before the show. Now I don't know who out there has any experience with the Fox's restroom situation, but let me tell you it's bad. There's always a line out the door all the way to last Saturday in the women's section and when you glance over at the men's room, the door isn't even being propped open! So this one renegade woman decided she wasn't going to wait in line to pee, so she went to the men's room. And while the riz, my moms and I were still 1/2 down the corridor, the renegade emerged, unscathed. She held her head up high as she walked past the lady's room line and said smugly, "there's no one in the men's restroom." My moms, the riz and I stood in the women's room line for maybe another thiry minutes. When we got to our seats, we were still talking about the renegade. On December 30th, 2005, I joined such a renegade's club.

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