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Charlotte, NC

26 December 2005

We stayed the night in Charlotte, NC. The weather was beautiful, probably 60 degrees while it was 30 in Michigan. We stayed at this resort called the Ballantyne (and I now regret not taking a picture of it, but no worries, since we'll hit it again on the way back home). When we checked in, the lady at the front desk upgraded my room for free since they weren't booked and I got an amazing view of the golf course. Don took me to dinner to this fabulous restaurant called the Providence Bistro where I fell in love with crab cakes all over again (for maybe the fifth time since first trying them in August). Then I dropped him off at the resort and motored to the Southpark mall where the Apple Store lives. The store was bigger than the Somerset one, but the experience left some to be desired. I was disappointed that no one even attempted to greet me and then when I had a question, they guy got angry because he didn't know the answer. To top it off, I was already upset since I couldn't find the mall--I spent 30 minutes driving around in circles. I need to do better research before heading out on vacation.

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