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What are the seven signs of aging?


Thank you, Oil of Olay:

It's possible to fight the effects of skin aging with proper skin care and nutrition, but aging itself is inevitable. Our apparent age is revealed through our skin. Its appearance depends on a number of factors, including genetic inheritance, ethnicity, and how our skin has been treated throughout our lifetime. Skin loses its healthy look as we age due to the skin's inability to retain moisture.

•Gender - Women simply have thinner skin that ages faster. That's why it's so important to have a thorough beauty regimen that addresses beauty and health holistically.

•Hormones - Hormone levels decline with age, and as a result, skin becomes drier and less elastic.

•Gravity - Skin elasticity and firmness can be promoted with proper skin care and nutrition, but it is inevitable that skin will sag with age.

•Diet - Skin that looks alive requires a proper diet, which is low in fat and sugar, and rich in vitamins and minerals.

•Exercise - Exercise improves circulation and supports development of new blood vessels that deliver oxygen-rich blood and nutrients to the skin.

•Hydration - When body cells don't get enough water, the skin loses moisture and appears dry and flaky.

•Sleep - There's a reason it's
called beauty sleep - skin regenerates new cells while we're slumbering.

•Sunshine - Sunshine and UV rays are the number one cause of crow's feet, blotchy blood vessels, thin skin, age spots and wrinkles.

•Dieting, Alcohol, Cigarettes - Improper dieting and habits like smoking and heavy alcohol consumption interfere with circulation and dehydrate the skin.

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