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Joe Goldberg

Are you (were you you just) in the market for a hybrid? I'm just starting to look for one, in the Seattle area. (Found you from 43 things, you cheered one of my goals :)



I have it as my goal on 43 Things to buy a hybrid. I wasn't able to get into an Escape because I didn't like the sticket price ($5,000 more than I wanted to spend) and that was the same situation with the Prius.

I was getting my car's oil changed and asked if they had any Hybrid Escapes out on the lot, and they had this one in. To my surprise (and dismay) I didn't see any difference in the Hybrid vs the regular version. I like the Prius because you can interact with the car through the touch screen. The Escape didn't have that feature.

Granted, the Escape I saw was pretty low-end (yet still over $30,000 MSRP), and maybe you can upgrade... But the Prius was standard with the screen at $26,000. I only chose Ford because I get an employee discount and have driven Fords my entire life. I'm going to buy the Escape Hybrid as my next car unless Ford produces an attractive hybrid sedan in the next five years.

Good luck to you and your hybrid!

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