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South Beach, FL

29 December 2005

I immediately turned around and took a snapshot of what the Versace view is from the first floor. Can we even see the ocean in this pic? Well whatever. The funny part is that as I'm taking the picture of the park, I notice this guy writhing around on the ground just to the right of my viewfinder. It's some homeless guy trying to stay in the shade as the sun is going up! As I walked back toward the News Cafe where the Zern was parked, I saw at least two more plastic bag gypsies! For everything I can accept in this world, god help me I can't handle homeless people. When I was very, very young, a homeless man asked me for money in Toronto and I have been terrified ever since. I was like five and my family was like "ignore him" and it freaked me the crap out! I just can't wrap my head around it. We don't have homeless in Detroit suburbs.

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