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Bal Harbour, FL

28 December 2005

So Don and I just came in from the ocean area and I get in the pool, wade around for a little bit, get into the hot tub, go back to the chair to dry off. As I'm drying off, this girl (the one in the sunglasses in front of that guy) goes "oh crap mom, there's a pelican in the pool." So I look up and, indeed, the pelican is floating in the pool. Soon the bird has an audience. Within a minute, some kid is spashing water on the pelican and the bird goes to the edge of the pool. Then another kid comes running at it and starts splashing and you hear this voice from a distance "No! Don't you dare spash that bird!" and the kid goes off running in the other direction. The woman in the black bikini walked from the other end of the pool right on over to where she's standing now. I don't know what she thought she was going to get from the experience. Her daughter kept hugging her as they got closer. The guy in the khakis walking toward them is I think the dad/husband. He was off taking pictures of the pelican while the rest of his family gawked. About a minute after I snapped this, the pelican takes flight, making its way over the pool and out of my sight. Then I heard kids screaming and crying and decided that it was time for me to hightail it out of the sun.

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